Goddess Hope (jinxgoddess) wrote in georgia_girls,
Goddess Hope

Your name: Hope
What part of Georgia do you live in? Newnan
Your age: 25

Military wife... crunchy mom to 11 month old Amelia...
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What branch of the military???

I'm an AF fiance....in GA for now..lol.

I've lived in Ga since I was 9, but we are stationed in Oklahoma. He is in Iraq so I am staying with my mom until her returns.
I've been in GA since I was born...and then was in FL with my fiance....who's in Korea. I moved back in with my paretns too.

My husband did the Korea stint the first year we were married so I'm quite used to us being apart =)
This is my first...stent. But its almost over!!! =o) 2 and 1/2 months. I'm so excited.

Then its Viva Las Vegas! lol.
I lived in Newnan as a brat. Is your husband out of Gillam or McPherson?

Ft Sill, OK

He's in Iraq so I'm visiting home while he's there.
Newnan resident here as well!
Very cool!
You have a cute baby!
21 years old and i live in augusta,ga