Dean Winchester. (_tainted__) wrote in georgia_girls,
Dean Winchester.

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Myspace anyone? <-- My link...

They have really awesome "Born in Georgia" places on there, and I was also just wondering if anyone you of you had an account on there?

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I have myspace...look up my email for me i cant remember my link right now its
i have an account.. i just started on there. do u mind if i add u to my friends? :D
I'd love it if you added me! :)

How are you doing?
stressed out lyke wh0a. hahaha. but i'm here.. how are you?
I'm prettty good for the most part... I believe I'm getting sick, because of this COLD weather! Gosh.. :)
I'm a little late, but I added you on there. I'm Pyromancer.
I added you back!


I'm new to this community, but there is a group on myspace with people from my hometown in it, it's called Cochran Crew...Too bad there isn't a lj chapter :)